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The LSE SU Economics Society is one of the largest and most influential student societies at LSE, with just over 600 members, representing nearly every background, degree and year of study. We are the only society at LSE which is officially supported by the LSE’s Economics Department, consistently rated as one of the best economics departments in the world. We hold over 30 events per term for our members (which averages to just under three per week).


Economics at university, especially for new students, can often seem too distant from the real world, with its focus on abstract models and mathematics. In essence, our job is to bring the real world back to students of Economics at LSE, and to cultivate a love of the subject that goes beyond simply scoring well in exams. We do this in several ways, all of which have separate sections on this website in case you would like to find out more:


  • Our weekly Sen Club sessions, which give members the opportunity to explore Economics beyond the confines of the course, through small discussion groups with prominent academics. These intimate sessions are very well attended, and so far this year we have hosted speakers such as former Bank of England Deputy Governor Charlie Bean and the Chief Economist of the UK Foreign Office. We have many more lined up before the end of the year, including the eminent Professor Ha-Joon Chang and former MPC member Minouche Shafik.
  • Our annual Economics Symposium, which was held this year on the theme “Will I work for Artificial Intelligence or will AI work for me?”. We hold this all-day conference on a different topic each year, and regularly host Nobel Laureates and engaging popular Economists.
  • Our three student-led research groups, which conduct their own undergraduate research projects, with help from senior members of the society. We also regularly collaborate with LSE itself on research projects. For example, last year we partnered with the LSE Growth commission to contribute to their research.
  • Our special events department, which have held one-off events ranging from a pub quiz to sessions on exam tips and course choices for first students.
  • Our annual magazine, Rationale, which has a broad circulation amongst staff and students at LSE, and showcases some of the best articles and opinion pieces of LSE students.
  • Our fortnightly Exploring Economics seminars, which aim to stretch interested first year students beyond their syllabus, and explore some of the more interesting parts of Economics which they would usually not get to see until their second or third years, if at all.
  • Our corporate relations team, which makes us the society at LSE which is most naturally suited to help those who want careers in a wide variety of fields such as Academia, Public Policy, Market Research, Economic Journalism and working in Think Tanks. We also hold events to help people who are considering further studies in economics.
  • Our influence outside of LSE, including strong links with the Marshall Society at Cambridge University and the Economists’ Society at UCL. We also run an annual essay competition for sixth form students.
  • And finally our busy social calendar; this year, for example, we ran a Boat Party for new students, and we are running a formal at the end of the year.


In addition, we have some new initiatives which we are hoping to try out next academic year, so keep your eye on the website for when we formally announce them!


On behalf of the entire committee, I would like to thank you for visiting our website, and I hope you’ll be able to get involved in our society. Please don’t hesitate to visit the ‘contact us’ section if the website if you have any questions


Tom Glinnan, President (2017-2018)


Engage with Economics Experts

Engage with Economics Experts

Get involved in our prestigious speaker events and gain first hand economic insights.

Student-lead Research

Student-lead Research

Engage in student-led economic research such as the Socioeconomic Diversity at LSE Study and receive expert guidance from Economics experts from the LSE.

Networking and Socialising Opportunities

Networking and Socialising Opportunities

Expand your network through our series of fun packed social events


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Visit our Facebook group for EVENTS!

Visit our Facebook group for EVENTS!

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