The LSE SU Economics Society

The LSE SU Economics Society is one of the largest and most influential student societies at LSE, with just under 1000 members, representing nearly every background, degree and year of study. We are the only society at LSE which is officially supported by the LSE’s Economics Department, consistently rated as one of the best economics departments in the world, and last year we held over 40 events for our members. Economics at university, especially for new students, can often seem too distant from the real world, with its focus on abstract models and mathematics. In essence, our job is to bring the real world back to students of Economics at LSE, and to cultivate a love of the subject that goes beyond simply scoring well in exams.
Despite its size, the Economics Society has always considered itself to have a much more ‘family-feel’ than the majority of LSE societies. We are inclusive of anyone from any academic or personal background who is interested in the work that we do, and we stress that anyone can get involved, not just those who are formally involved in running the society through its committee positions.
Please have a look at the links on our website to find out more! If you have any questions, please email us at or message us on our Facebook page, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

The LSESU Economics Society is the largest academic society and the only one supported by the Economics Department.

How to get more involved?


We offer a huge range of events and opportunities for our members. We have multiple ways to get involved, including:


  • A discussion group where we talk about new developments in Economics and invite prominent academics each week.
  • Many opportunities for enhancing your own Economics education, including help sessions for the first year Economics modules, and plenty of opportunities for student research.
  • Very regular speakers and debates, as well as corporate and social events.
  • Frequent collaboration with other LSE societies and with other major Economics societies in the UK and abroad
  • Our subcommittee programme, which allows you to get more formally involved in the running of the society. You can run to be elected into our executive committee at our annual AGM.

    While we do have a formal structure made up of our executive committee and the subsequent subcommittee, it is worth saying that many of our most active members are not involved in this formal structure. We always wish to be accommodating to those who are not in formal positions, but wish to help the society run, so please do not think that you should not continue with the society if you are not chosen for a subcommittee at the start of the year!



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