Roles and Responsibilities 

The internal organisation of the society is being slightly re-vamped at the start of 2017-2018 Academic year as we update our constitution, so the details here are subject to slightly change.

There are three main categories that roles come under:

The Executive Committee:
This is the main body which organises the society, and is made up of the society’s most senior members. All executive committee members are elected by the society’s members at our Annual General Meeting (usually held in early LT each year). It is made up of:

– The President
– The Treasurer
– The Secretary
– Vice President, Research
– Vice President, Special Events
– Vice President, Speaker Events
– Vice President, Corporate Relations
– Vice President, Social Events

The Non-Executive Committee:
These members also have a very active role in managing the society, but they are appointed by the executive committee at various points throughout the year, rather than elected at the AGM. More positions in this category can be created by the executive committee, as and when they are needed. It is made up of:

– The Chairperson (An advisory role usually given to the previous President)
– The Chief Editor of Rationale Magazine
– The Director for the LSE-UCL Conference

The Subcommittee:
These positions take the role of helping various members of the previous two committees. They are usually filled by first year undergraduate students, and are a great way to get involved in running our society as soon as you join LSE.
Traditionally, we have split up this category into subcommittees for special events, speaker events, corporate relations and research. However, with the new constitution we are planning to merge into one large subcommittee, to give different sections a better chance to meet each other and to make the society run more efficiently.