Subcommittee Applications 2017/2018 – FAQs

01 Oct Subcommittee Applications 2017/2018 – FAQs


Applications are now open to join the LSESU Economics Society Junior Subcommittee.

Any LSESU EconSoc member may apply. Applications close this coming Saturday, 7th October 2017 at 11.00 p.m. BST.

You can apply here: 


Can you explain what exactly different divisions do?

Speaker Events is the arm that runs weekly Sen Club meetings. You may be tasked with things such as liaising with invited speakers, ironing out the logistics of weekly meetings, and publicising Sen Club.

Corporate Relations is mainly tasked with communicating with companies and our sponsors. You may be tasked with meeting certain companies to arrange for sponsorship and keeping in contact with our existing sponsors.

Research runs our research programmes, assists with academic supplementary sessions, and is also tasked with the distribution of our bi-annual supplementary EC102 notes.

Social Events help organise fun events to bring together members. These can include major events such as Boat Parties or annual balls, or smaller scale events such as Pub Quizzes and picnics.

Special Events are a catch-all team that have the flexibility to run any event they think will push the Society forward. They assist primarily with our annual conference, and in the past have run events such as exam tips sharing sessions and movie sessions.

If I indicate a preference for a division, am I certain to get it?

Nope. All successful applicants are put into a General Subcommittee first. You’ll get to meet with all of us first, and from there we will funnel you into specific duties and divisions, with your preferences taken into account.

However, this doesn’t quite apply to those interested in the Research Division. Some people only want to join the Research Division and do not want placement in any other subcommittee. If this is you, please only select ‘Research Team’ as your preference. If successful, you will be placed directly in Research.

(If you’re not so sure, you may still select Research + another division, but you will be placed in the General group first)

I just joined LSE and now I’m applying for positions of responsibility? God help me.

Yes. It can be overwhelming. We’re here if you need a friendly hug.

This is the time where may still be unsure what you want out of your university life. Part of the Junior Subcommittee’s purpose is to expose you to a different side of LSE life, while still shielding you from the full-blown responsibilities that accompany an actual Committee position.

Being part of the Subcommittee is a commitment we expect you to uphold, but we’re also here to talk things out if you feel it isn’t right for you a few weeks down the line.

How exactly does the selection process work?

Stage 1: Send in your application

Stage 2: Shortlisted applications get called for an interview

Stage 3: Successful applicants are notified by email


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