Economics Symposium 2018 – Will I work for AI or will AI work for me?

Our annual LSESU Economics Symposium for 2018 is back! This year’s theme is ‘Will I work for AI or will AI work for me?’ This year’s symposium is meant for anyone interested in learning about the state of artificial intelligence, its history and development, and its present and impending role in the modern economy. Keynote speeches, coffee chats and panel debates about on AI Winter, the Future of Work and the Ethics of AI (and Policy Implications) will be given by leading professionals from start-up founders to Chief Economists to LSE academics. It is an excellent opportunity for students to interact with experts in the field of Economics and AI by being active participants of the debate. This is the first time we will be using live polling to allow the audience members to shape the conclusion of our symposium and join the debate.
The speakers for this year include distinguished guests and economists from industry, and will incorporate views and opinions from academics as well. The speaker line-up includes:

  1. Dr Omair Vaiyani (CTO and Founder of Synap)
  2. Dr Joe Davis (Vanguard Investments Chief Economist)
  3. Mr Mark Purdy (Accenture Research Director and Chief Economist)
  4. Mr Euan Cameron (PwC UK Artificial Intelligence Leader and Partner)
  5. Mr Dhaval Joshi (BCA Senior Vice President, European Investment Strategy)
  6. Dr Ioannis Votsis (LSE Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method Fellow)

We have a number of free tickets available for students from state schools. If you are a teacher in one of these schools, please email for more details.
The details for the symposium are:

  • Date:7th February, 2018
  • Time: 12.30-17.30
  • Location: LSE Old Theatre, London School of Economics
  • Ticket price: £12 (standard) £5 (school students)

The ticket price includes access to all the symposium sessions, lunch and snacks for the tea breaks.
Here are the relevant links to find out more:

  1. LSE Students
  2. Standard Tickets
  3. School students (Please use the password given in an email we may have sent you, or contact for it)
  4. Facebook Event Page
  5. Society Facebook Page


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